COVID Protocols for Home Games

  1. Questionnaire and/or TeamSnap : Before coming onto the Mouse Creek Soccer Complex you must send a completed COVID-19 questionnaire for your entire team and parents/family attending. You may send the Teamsnap generated list as they ask the same questions.  These lists should be kept to be referenced by team management/admin.

  2. Sideline Management: To minimize the mixing of groups, your players and parents should sit on the same sideline but on opposite halves of the field. Players should also be encouraged to maintain distance while on the sideline. Players should not share benches. If needed each player should have their own chair to sit in while on the bench. Parents/family members are also encouraged to wear PPE as outlined by TN Soccer.

  3. Player Interaction: Outside of the field of play, all players are encouraged to maintain distance. This means no close huddles, handshakes, high-fives, chest bumps, etc as much as able. Obviously, there are younger age groups so do the best you can.

  4. Gameballs: Prior to the start of the game, the home team will set out game balls that have been sanitized for play. Please be sure all of your team's balls are stowed away prior to play so that one is not accidentally brought into play.

  5. Start and Conclusion of Matches: If there is a game still going on prior to your match, please have your families remain in their car until the fields are clear at which point they can come down to the field and begin warm-ups. Once the match is over please have your team quickly gather all of their personal items and trash and move to their cars. Our team will remain on the field until the guest team has left.

  6. When we are hosting a home game, the managers must have two sanitizing stations out. One for each team.

  7. Managers must have a copy of the opponent's COVID -19 Screening results, including names.(Before the game starts)

Additional resources and information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or TN State Soccer website (