Q.  My child is involved in soccer at GRCSA and was recently exposed to a person who had a positive COVID-19 test. What should I do?
A.  Per the CDC guidelines applicable you should self-quarantine for 10 days or complete a COVID-19 test before returning to activities and notify: about positive tests

Q.  My child is involved in soccer at GRCSA and recently received a positive COVID-19 test. What should I do?
A.  Per the CDC guidelines applicable, you should self-quarantine for 10 days. Do not return to any GRCSA event, training, match, or other, until you have received a  negative COVID-19 test.

Q.  Will masks be required of players, coaches, spectators, or officials?
A.  At this time, there is no mandate made by the City of Cleveland which requires coaches, players, spectators, or officials to wear a mask. However, it is suggested that CDC guidelines for social distancing and the wearing of masks be adhered to.

Q.  Will social distancing or mask-wearing be enforced by GRCSA?
A.  No. All non-player participants are encouraged to wear a mask to the field and asked to social distance, but as long as parents social distance there will not be a masked mandate.

Q.  Will facilities at GRCSA  be sanitized regularly?
A.  Yes. Touchpoints and community areas will be sanitized on a regular basis whenever play is at the complex.

Q.  Are the CDC’s definitions of “close contact” (found here) met by a player’s participation in a soccer match?
A.  Yes. The potential to meet more than one of these criteria exists. The proximity of players to one another on the bench, contact during the run of play, and unsanctioned socialization of players before and after a match constitute a risk that must be managed.

Q.  If I register my player, and then the season is canceled again, will I receive a refund?
A.  Yes. Either a partial refund, full refund or credit will be offered with the amount being contingent on when the season was canceled if that were to be the case.

Q.  Will the balls, jerseys, and other equipment be sanitized regularly?
A.  The expectation has been set with every coach that the training equipment will be sanitized regularly.

Q.  Will any decision made by local education officials to cancel school or mandate distance learning impact the decision to continue with a fall season for 2021?
A.  Maybe. Primarily, GRCSA will look to US Soccer and TN state and local governments regarding cancellation. The decisions made by local schools could be considered as a secondary criteria.

Q.  Can you assure me that out-of-town games will have sufficient “safe to play” measures regarding sanitation, social distancing, and others?
A.  No. While all organizations we corporate with for league play have the same or similar guidance as we do, we’re not able to enforce or confirm compliance for other organizations and locations.

Additional resources and information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or TN State Soccer website (